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I am an artist dedicated to making a difference through my creative endeavors. I sometimes find it challenging to explain my experiences in a straightforward way; I love vivid imagery and dynamic sounds and I weave various art forms together to achieve my goal of expression. My other goals extend to conveying messages of resilience, empathy, and social consciousness.

My educational journey has nurtured my creative spirit. I attended Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts in high school, which led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University, where I further enhanced my storytelling abilities and desire to create with others.

My goal is to have my art be a catalyst for change across the societal spectrum; A medium, through which marginalized voices have space to be heard and their visions manifested. I aim to ignite conversations and empower people to take action both individually and collectively.


Industry Focus

Digital Cinematography (B.S.) – Full Sail University

Studio Mechanic Electric Training – Reel Works (MediaMKRS Program)

10-hour Construction Safety and Health Course – OSHA

Mobile Elevating Work Platform Operator Training (ANSI MEWP Operator Boom Lifts 3b, Scissor Lifts 3a) – Sunbelt Rentals

  • Writing
  • Cinematography
  • Grip & Electric

My Creative Skills Resume

Kiana_Mayo_Lighting_Technician_Resume 2024

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My Workforce Skills Resume


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