White and Blue with Stains of Red

“You’re worth more than that. You know it, and they know it… But the doubts and anxieties of feeling wrong about it is exactly what they want.”

“They tell you ‘Protect your Corp, Serve Your Capital’. They pound your ears with bored repetition and robotic mantras of corporate slogans and ‘soft language’, and they make sure to keep you sedated with the binaural hum of the AC unit that they keep on year round; even when it’s 20 below freezing. They’ve convinced you that if you work real fuckin’ hard, keep your head down, and suck the right pens of the big bosses, you’ll have a chance at ‘freedom’. Multilevel Marketing under the guise of an honest living. But you’re not making an honest living. You’re barely getting by. Generation after generation living paycheck to paycheck, hoping for a break. And when the Pandemic hit, not a fucking thing changed. You risk your life as much as the next person just to work in favor of a CEO making your weekly pay in half-a-day. 

They wore you down to accepting the bare minimum. And just when society started realizing they’re worth more, the distractions started again. I’m not talking about government conspiracies; those aren’t even being hidden at this point. I’m talking about content. Dopamine fixes from swiping. Companies attempt to appear less than formal amid social media to imitate the struggle of the masses. Anything to keep you distracted. I’m not telling you to quit a good thing if it puts a roof over your head and bread on the table. I’m just sayin’. While the bosses are in a circle getting each other off on tales of how they fucked you over and putting each other on to more ways to suppress your natural born purpose of being your highest self, you’re edging toward a release that’s not worth the salt they pour into your wounds. 

Bleed them for everything they got. They’re draining you like a battery and don’t even have the common courtesy to recharge you.”

(Excerpt From A Story Idea)


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