Close up of a barren branch in the foreground of a blurred deep-red colored forest.

The Crimson Forest


“The Crimson Forest… Where the Ur-Gods waged the last wars… Now, it’s just a ground where theatrical low-lives come to settle petty debts…”
(Excerpt from a sci-fi space opera that I’ve written, titled “The Spectrum War”)

Behind The Scenes


This was taken in my family’s backyard in October of 2020. The Crimson Forest is a place that I created in a series of stories that I’m writing. I’ve been working through it on and off for about 10 years (since 2013, wow time flies), and it was originally supposed to be a pitch for a 13-episode anime idea, however it’s grown into an entire universe since then. Everything happens for a reason, and perhaps I needed to mature and heal in order to truly be able to develop this story.

•     •     •

The story takes place in a time before our Universe, particularly the reality that gives birth to our own. Within the story, this location – rather than being a single forest – is actually an entire planet virtually untouched by technology. However, it gradually became the battleground for the Gods of an age long lost. The flora was once lush and green, until the land was stained with blood from climactic duels and skirmishes, over several millennia. The blood lost – particularly the iron from the blood – gradually seeped into the planet’s ecosystem, forever changing the hue of the vegetation. Whether the planet is entering its autumn equinox or summer solstice, the vegetation is forever stained red. Avid believers of the Divine, speculate that it is nature’s way of reminding visitors and observers that it too, is living, and is traumatized by the actions that others have taken within its boundaries.

Around the time that I took this picture, my life began to change drastically; I had been overworked due to working in healthcare during Covid while trying to balance college courses and navigating my transition. I resumed my storytelling and worldbuilding practices as an outlet. My goal is for this to be large and established enough for marginalized people to tell their truths and stories within.

Close up of a barren branch in the foreground of a blurred deep-red colored forest.


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