“Life hands you lemons because it knows that you can overcome the bitter and make a sweetness that no one else can make for you.”

“It’s been a while since I was a host for anything. I hadn’t made an effort to be social even before my ‘transition’. I learned that I went under in the autumn of 2020. They put me on ice, even though I never had a will or any particular post-mortem plan. In the same breath, I didn’t plan on It to happen either. It was an accident. I have a hunch that they knew that deep down somewhere. Perhaps they took the initiative in Good Faith and wanted to guide me to live a fuller Experience. Three years of making peace with my Past, and navigating all of my difficulties within the healing phenomenon of Life. The day I woke up, I had no idea things would begin to happen for me; real fast. But I pulled through. I trusted, even though that was my biggest obstacle throughout my Experience so far. So now, we’re celebrating; Life, Liberation, and the Pursuit of Curiosity. Curiosity is why I’m here. Truth is what I seek. Will is my force.

(Excerpt from Life)


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